Retrograde Orbit Charter

Welcome to the Retrograde Orbit Charter. Our charter is a document intended to describe who Retrograde Orbit is, our philosophy, what you can expect from us, and what we expect of our members.

Who We Are

Retrograde Orbit is an English speaking PvP focused corporation living in low class (C1-C3) wormhole space. We are active in the EU and US time zones, having members on both continents. We are focused on providing a friendly and constructive environment that encourages learning about the game, and blowing up (other people's) space ships.

Our Philosophy

PvP Focus

While we encourage and value other parts of EVE, PvP is the core focus of Retrograde Orbit. We encourage seeking out PvP experiences of all kinds, and all other activities we engage in serve the pursuit of this goal. Those looking for groups focused on industry, trade, or PvE should look elsewhere.

Personal Responsibility

EVE is a game that requires more thought and decision making than any other MMO out there. We believe that this is an opportunity for pilots to be more than drones who press buttons on command. As such, pilots should understand and accept responsibility for their actions.

We expect pilots to think for themselves, make logical decisions based on knowledge, and utilize their experience. However, no pilot is an island. Decisions individuals make will impact the group, and personal decisions should be made with that in mind. Therefore, how one chooses to fly their ship in a fleet needs to align with the goals of the fleet as a whole.

Even when engaging in PvE, pilots should be aware of risks inherent to the game and use ships in a way that will allow the group to respond in case of an attack. Finally, when the inevitable loss happens, pilots should reflect on the choices they made that resulted in that loss, and how to prevent it in the future.

Respect for Fellow Pilots

Online games are often havens for assholes, Retrograde is not one of those places. We believe that all pilots should be treated with respect, and the group environment should be free of any kind of discriminatory behavior or slurs. We do not tolerate those who cannot respect others. We also believe that being an ass is a learned behavior, and one capable of being corrected. We wish to allow those who do make a mistake to learn from it, understand why it was wrong, and have a chance to improve.

Respect extends to those not in the corporation as well. We do not condone disrespect for other pilots in chat channels, unnecessary aggression targeting new players, or operating in-game scams.

Desire to Learn

The principle that underpins our culture most is a desire to learn. We strive to always be learning new things about EvE, be it strategies, or techniques, or skills.

We encourage our members to learn about the game in any way they can, and to build a strong base of knowledge about EvE. This also serves to keep the game fresh for players, and prevents burnout due to stagnation.

What you can expect from Retrograde Orbit

  1. A friendly organization free of bitter people and stale content
  2. An environment that encourages learning about the game
  3. Lots of PvP opportunities
  4. A community of other individuals with the same values
  5. A (physical) place to call home in the game

What we expect of our members

  1. Upholding Retrograde Orbit's core philosophy
  2. Being an active member of the community
  3. A desire to learn about EvE, and blow up some space ships. Preferably someone else's space ships
  4. Be present in our wormhole
  5. Discord and a microphone

Other Requirements

While we do not have hard requirements for certain previous in-game experience or skill points, living in a wormhole is not easy living.
Generally, we think potential applicants should meet some of the following:

  1. Have completed the game tutorial and the Sisters of EVE epic arc.
  2. Be capable of operating a fully fit tech 1 cruiser
  3. Be capable of operating a scanning ship that can fit a covert ops cloak.
  4. Have previous experience in PvP of some form. This could be faction warfare, nullsec, lowsec, or wormhole PvP.
  5. Have previous experience with wormholes

While these are not requirements that will lead to immediate rejection, we feel they will make pilots more likely to succeed in living in wormhole space.

Interested in joining us? Join our public channel: Retrograde
There you can talk to a representative and ask us any questions you may have.